Lea, that’s how he calls his workshop (in French, it stands for Laboratory of Artistic Experiments). Bewildering, this workshop… just like its owner. The atmosphere : in the background, a huge white wall, spotlights on, a photo camera ready to shoot. On the walls, photos of muses mingle with sketches waiting for implementation. Throughout the room, numerous paintings are drying, on a table, used paint cans testify to a recent emulation, materials of all kinds can be seen here and there. On the left, a real human skull, seeming to scrutinize us, makes acquaintance with strange mannequins dressed in candy or soda cans, imperturbable in the face of the whirlwind Patrice Murciano is. Because it is indeed a whirlwind it is all about, a flood even… This jack-of-all is disconcerting : all he touches becomes Art.

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